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We have a variety of services, you name it, we do it!

Here a are some of the services we offer:

Airport Pick up and Drop off

We can pick you up where ever you are on the island and drop you off where ever you want to go. Name signs are available when picking you and your family up from the airport. Car Seats are available upon request. We can pick you up from your hotel and drop you where ever you want to go. If you would rather call us, please call us 20 minutes before you are ready and we will be there. No need to call a taxi, they are always late. 

Drop and wait

If you would rather not wait on us, we can wait on you.  Drop you off where ever you want to go and we wait for you either outside or inside, however you feel comfortable. 

Number 1 Driving Service.

Join and Guide

If you want us to join you to the beach or any other occasion, this is possible. We can guide you to the place and let you know where to go and not to go.  Any one of our members can be at your service 24/7.

Island Tour

We do one of the most special island tour on the island. Compared to the other tour guys, we bring you places no one have ever been before.  To the highest mountains on the island, to see some breathtaking views, where you can see the whole island. We will also take you to see some nice caves and all the local beaches that no other tour guide has ever been to.  You will see and learn about the history of St. Maarten/St. Martin, about the Forts, the Great Salt Pond, the borders and so much more.  You will see the different spots to be, the restaurants, and different activities such as the Butterfly Farm, Zip-lining at Pic Paradis, horseback riding on the beach, and so much more. We cater to any size group, with our different size transportations.

Island Buddie


​Are you here alone or the first time on the island?  Don't worry, you are on the friendly island, where we get along pretty easily.  We can assist you in any possible way  while you are here on the island. We can go shopping with you, recommend restaurants, take you sight seeing, name it, we will be there.  If you feel unsafe in the club while partying, or you're always losing your purse?  Don't worry, we can be there for you.  We make sure you have fun and reach back home safely.  You don't have to feel like we are hired, we are very friendly and easy to get along with. Number 1 Driving Service in SXM

​Interested Stuff


For those who want to visit the adult entertainment clubs, feel free to ask for that special service.  We can accompany you in the club, help you with any choices and drop you back home safe.  We are very discreet.  


We are also concierges, all you have to do is ask.

We can organize different activities such as Horseback riding< Jetski< 4 Wheelers <Parasailing and so much more.

We also host parties at bars and Bonfire Parties on Mullet Bay Beach, for the enjoyment of our loyal clients.


And the list goes on, Interested in using our service?

                           CLICK  HERE

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